Denibi Barcelona Fall 2017 – New York Fashion Week

Spain-based fashion line Denibi Barcelona presented its first New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter collection with a sophisticated, space-age touch. This is a cohesive collection for a woman not afraid to express herself and stand out from the masses. Strong silhouettes marched down the runway in the form of a black tulip skirt paired with a matching sleeveless vest with asymmetrical hemming. The same was true of an identical look in eggshell blue, an unusual color to see on the Fall/Winter runway, but refreshing nonetheless. A deep V-neck, black velvet gown was playfully accessorized with sheer ankle socks and black heels; and a camel, double-breasted coat with ¾-length sleeves – one sleeve cut shorter than the other – made you look twice.

The second half of the show included a slew of white skirts, dresses and jackets. A beautiful double-breasted, white, evening jacket with a ruffled hem featured a little cinched ruffle on its left sleeve, resulting in more uniqueness and femininity. A white, structured, high-necked, bolero was paired with a white skirt (and, unfortunately, matchy matchy white, opaque stockings), while a cut-out, white single breasted, one-sleeved ¾-length sleeved jacket was layered with a turtleneck and paired with a simple pencil skirt. A model’s tiny waist was accentuated with black cigarette pants, and her high-cut white jumper with an inverted triangle detail.

Photos: Denibi Barcelona Fall 2017 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Dan Lecca