Theatre Products Fall 2017 – New York Fashion Week

Japanese label Theatre Products presented a Fall/Winter 2017 New York Fashion Week collection full of of shapeless clothing amounting to not much at all. Awkwardly cut, above-the-elbow bubble sleeves billowed out over an A-line magenta sack of an evening gown; what appeared to be an inside-out pajama set was oddly styled with one cuff folded shorter than the other; a large black t-shirt dress with two blossoms stamped on it was paired with unattractive wide length brown pants.

No. Just. No.

Let’s not talk about the strange white top that looked to be purchased at a mass retailer paired with matching white, wide pants. Nothing about this collection screamed “Fall/Winter” or “cohesion” – it just resembled a mass of potato sacks.

On the other hand, what Theatre Products does have going for itself is its quirky accessories. Why anyone would want to wear what appear to be resin lip samples on their ears is beyond me, but hey, it’s more unique than the winter clothing. How about wearing nail polish bottle earrings? Why not? And no one wears these anymore in urban areas, but those hair clips are awfully cute, especially the ones with the words, “New York, New York, Theatre Products” embedded on the glasses.

Photos: Theatre Products Fall 2017 – New York Fashion Week
all photos courtesy of Williamson PR