Custo Barcelona Spring 2011 – New York Fashion Week

If you’ve seen one Custo Barcelona show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, in some ways you’ve seen them all: a long runway, pulsating dance music, strobes, blinking neon lights, typically more than 80 looks.  The clothes, as per the usual, are not choices for the introverted, with men’s and women’s outfits splattered with a rainbow of colors, accents and shoes (wooden heels for the women, sneakers for the men).

It may be a formula for designer Custo Dalmau, but it’s one that has always worked for the Spanish brand.  The reason for this is Dalmau’s consistency beneath the flash, which results in some interesting pieces that – when deconstructed from their stylized head-to-toe looks – can easily spruce up a closet littered with too many solid colors.  The Spring 2011 collection, titled “Fiction and Reality,” happens to represent Dalmau’s best work in several years.  Moving past the collection’s bold kaleidoscope, quite a bit of versatility was in display – slightly loose blazers and jeans for the men, flowing cardigans and tight mini-dresses for the women – resulting in wardrobe equally at home in the city or on the beach.  (And for those who prefer to mix it up, there’s always that feathered skirt to fall back on…)

Photo Gallery

all photos courtesy of Custo Barcelona