Andy & Debb Fall 2010 – New York Fashion Week Review

With Andy & Debb, a woman is not necessarily going to find a show-stopping red carpet number, but a safe, comfortable and classic piece for a day in the office or a cocktail party.  It’s why the husband-and-wife team’s creations were recently picked up by Bloomingdale’s, and the design duo’s initial splash occurred when they won a contest to redesign the McDonald’s uniform in their native South Korea.

Andy Kim’s and Debbie Yoon’s runway show at Bryant Park featured an even more understated offering than their Fall 2009 collection, stopping short of pushing boundaries but at the same time showcasing clothing that will be popular purchases for New York consumers.  A soft Gingko Biloba print covered a couple of ivory wool/silk pieces, while others included surprising little twists, such as vertical leather bow details cascading down the front of a sleeveless blouse (successful) or white ruffled Victorian collars (less so).

Inga Vascenkova contributed to this report.

Photos: Andy & Debb Fall 2010 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine