Andy & Debb Spring 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week

Inspired by the spunk and spirit of the big band era, the Andy & Debb Spring 2016 show kicked off with a blaring techno rendition of Benny Goodman’s swing era classic “Sing, Sing, Sing.” The art deco stage designs, spotlight effects, and billboard-sized painting of a zeppelin effectively evoked the 1920’s, preparing the audience for the eponymous duo’s design for next season.

With a spring collection titled “The Sunburst” and copy material printed with the phrase “Elegant Sportism,” it doesn’t take much to figure out what Andy & Debb’s new collection aspires to be. Dominated by a closed-set variety of polo shirts, jump suits, sport jackets and a mix of familiar spring wardrobe staples, the majority of the collection offers sporty, yet stylish, casual wear that fashionistas or philistines can wear for a fun night out.

The use of crepe, mesh, and chiffon make the clothing light and – from the way the models strutted on the runway – far more comfortable, especially under the heat of several hundred spotlights and a room jam-packed with people. Beyond that, the occasional use of geometric pattern prints lent a subtle hint of chicness, but didn’t overdo it.

The obvious ‘20s motifs in the designs themselves were well utilized. Retro fashion has been a popular gimmick for many mainstream clothing brands like Banana Republic, but Andy & Debb’s new collection successfully straddles the fine line between homage and parody.

Photos: Andy & Debb Spring 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week
all photos by Rex Baylon / Meniscus Magazine

Video: Andy & Debb Spring 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week
video by Rex Baylon / Meniscus Magazine