Noon by Noor Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week


Program for the Noon by Noor Fall 2014 runway show at New York Fashion Week:

1. Eve. White NBN shirt, navy and grey cardigan, mosaic and geometric print NBN blazer, neoprene oversized coat, mauve relaxed pants.

2. Eva. Mosaic print scarf, mosaic print sweatshirt, cool mint pouf skirt.

3. Charlotte. White embellished NBN shirt, cool mint relaxed pants, turtleneck jumper.

4. Li Wei. Agate print sheer shoulder dress.

5. Helen. Agate print empire waist gown, black wrap jacket.

6. JJ. Grey NBN shirt, cool mint sweatshirt, mosaic print slim fit pants.

7. Jenia. Lilac embellished tulle dress.

8. Sharita. Grey turtleneck jumper, yellow slim fit pants, mauve felt and beige faux fur oversized coat.

9. Alisha. Chartreuse NBN shirt, grey embellished turtleneck jumper, geometric wide leg pants.

10. Alix. Mauve embellished tulle shirt, yellow slim skirt.

11. Alisar. Collared blouse, yellow embellished tee, embellished NBN blazer, navy neoprene relaxed pants.

12. Paula. Cloud print sheer shoulder dress.

13. Joanna. Yellow embellished peplum dress.

14. Andrea. Mosaic print NBN blouse, grey jumper, mosaic print culotte pants and mauve oversized coat.

15. Yana. Grey embellished tunic gown.

16. Maxine. Royal purple embellished jumper, royal purple pouf skirt, vanilla neoprene coat.

17. Natalie. Royal purple embellished velvet gown.

18. Eve. Pink agate print scarf, vanilla embellished neoprene sweatshirt, vanilla neoprene relaxed pants.

19. Eva. Red embellished velvet dress, beige felt and faux fur cocoon coat.

20. Chariotte. Burgundy embellished sweetheart top, beige felt relaxed pants, burgundy houndstooth jacquard wrap jacket.

21. Adua. Burgundy crystal print scarf, burgundy crystal print tee dress, burgundy houndstooth jacquard cocoon coat.

22. Lie Wei. Black and purple turtleneck jumper, black felt relaxed pants, embellished black oversized coat.

23. Crystal. Grey crystal print collared blouse, burgundy crystal print culotte pants

24. Cristina. Black embellished tulle dress.

25. Alisha. Burgundy crystal print scarf, burgundy houndstooth jacquard sweatshirt with leather sleeves.

26. JJ. Black embellished tulle shirt, black embellished pouf skirt.

27. Jenia. Burgundy crystal print tunic gown with embellished neckline.

28. Helen. Black embellished peplum dress, black felt and leather cocoon coat.

29. Alix. Navy embellished tiered dress.

3o. Alisar. Burgundy embellished culotte jumpsuit.

31. Yana. Navy embellished sweetheart dress.

32. Paula. Burgundy embellished sweetheart gown.

33. Andrea. Cream cascading embellishment gown.

Photos: Noon by Noor Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine

Video: Noon by Noor Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week
video by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine