2019 Embassy Chef Challenge: Barbados, Haiti bag top awards

The 11th annual Events DC Embassy Chef Challenge presented by TCMA hosted a competition among 19 nations for a variety of prizes awarded by a panel of judges and attendees.








The full list of winners follows below:

Judges’ Choice Podium

  1. Chef Javon Cummings, Barbados, Guava Brûlée Pork Belly
  2. Chef Anuradha Wijesinghe, Sri Lanka, Milk Rice with Onion Paste and Chicken Curry
  3. Chef Ron Johnson, Bahamas, Lobster and Coconut Soup with a Curry Cracker and Red Pepper Gel

People’s Choice Podium

  1. Chef Dimitri Lilavois, Haiti, Surf and Turf Pumpkin Soup
  2. Chef Faycal Zahraoui, Morocco, Seafood Pastila with Smoked Potatoes
  3. Chef Dries Molkens, Belgium, 70% Cocoa Chocolate Desserts

Best Beverage Award presented by PepsiCo

Chef Francis Otoo, Ghana, Ashantie Mule Cocktail

Macy’s Best Dressed for their cultural display

Tebabu Assefa, Ethiopia

Photos: 2019 Embassy Chef Challenge, Washington, D.C.
all photos by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine