Artist Marta Chilindron: “Cube 48 Orange” & “Mobius”


Marta Chilindron’s “Cube 48 Orange” dominated a considerable section of the main floor at the 2014 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong. Encouraging members of the public to interact with the piece, she explained to Meniscus Magazine how her art installation worked.

Marta Chilindron: So we close it. And the idea is to, at night we close it, and it’s a cube.  During the day we open it and at night we close it.  So basically, you do and you undo the action.

Meniscus Magazine: That’s great.

Actually I proposed to do it six feet tall.  But this is a public space. We were afraid that it would be dangerous.  So if you imagine how nice it would be if you were like, this small [kneels down] and you looked.

You can’t see where you’re going.

You can’t see where you’re going and it becomes a real maze which is the idea.

What is the material you used?

It’s called Twin Wall, polycarbonate.


I have a work upstairs too [Mobius, 2013] with another gallery, but it’s not this, it’s plexiglass, very colorful.  So basically it’s just all this, the different panels, different colors, when they overlap they create like red, green, and …

The spectrum.

Yes, exactly.  We have yellow, and blue, we have green and red.

Photos: Marta Chilindron – “Cube 48 Orange” and “Mobius” – Art Basel Hong Kong 2014
all photos by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine

Video: Marta Chilindron – “Cube 48 Orange” – Art Basel Hong Kong 2014
video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine