Photos: YAXIN ZONE – New York Fashion Week Fall 2024


Designer: Yahsin Chung

Location: Taiwan

Inspiration according to the Asia Fashion Collection Fall 2024 promotional materials:

“Continuing the footsteps of the previous season’s SOLO DANCE, FW24 ‘TRANSFORMATION’ unveils unrestricted, liberated, and resolute dance movements. Drawing inspiration from cultural symbols, a gradual infusion of darkness gives rise to fresh motives and intentions, communicated through the expressive language of the body. The once pure and radiant swan transforms into silver-grey, deep grey, then ultimately flourishes into an unrestrained black swan.
“Following pure passion and pain, accumulating unstoppable transformations, the transitions from pristine white to profound black unfold, resembling the oxidation process—a compelling shift in the chapters of music.
“In a world solely dedicated to achieving transformations, the journey towards a closer reflection of one’s true self, embracing the process of metamorphosis, is a path to liberation.
“Apart from the series transitioning from all-white to black, the voluminous sleeve shapes symbolizing wings gradually enlarge, eventually unfolding into the transformed wings of the black swan. To portray a dynamic texture, the eight outfits in the TRANSFORMATION series utilize tweed as the primary fabric, featuring YAXIN ZONE’s signature juxtaposition technique with combinations of tweed, suedette, and denim. As a testament to support the local textile industry, the entire TRANSFORMATION series incorporates fabrics manufactured in Taiwan.”

Video: Asia Fashion Collection runway highlights
video courtesy of NEW YORK TOKYO

Photos: YAXIN ZONE – New York Fashion Week Fall 2024
all photos courtesy of NEW YORK TOKYO