Photos: RE RHEE – New York Fashion Week Fall 2024

RE RHEE – New York Fashion Week Fall 2024

Label: RE RHEE

Designers: June Bok Rhee and Hyun Jung Joo

Location: South Korea

Inspiration according to Asia Fashion Collection Fall 2024 promotional materials:

“‘The Ripping Essence and Distorted Allure’

“The dawn air whispers. It is humid and exhales a dark breath. Within it, there is something glittering and firmly entwined. In the momentary blindness, warmth envelops the skin. It steadies the heart.

“Time during the creative process often stands still and is faced alone. At night’s end, when the work is done, a sense of both excitement and emptiness emerges. The ultimate truth that nothing can happen without depending on one another is revealed. Just like that, the infinite cycle of creating something out of nothing, and returning to nothing, is brought to light. This realization is what RE RHEE wants to convey through its very first Fashion Week Runway.

“Since its launch, the RE RHEE brand has drawn inspiration from all of us living in present times. To all creators in the world, you are RE RHEE’s muses; this show is dedicated to you. The brand uses fabrics that reflect the array of emotions that artists experience during their creative journey, ranging from the formidable and daunting to subtle brilliance and fleeting moments of emotion. Lace objects, sequins, leather, and more were used to merge those situations and emotions. The juxtaposition of the pristine strength of ivory and the sophistication of black, blended with point colors that highlight each individual identity are displayed throughout the collection.

“Each of RE RHEE’s refined design creations has its own character and was reimagined through new styling, aiming to venture beyond the materials to the final look.”

Video: Asia Fashion Collection runway highlights
video courtesy of NEW YORK TOKYO

Photos: RE RHEE – New York Fashion Week Fall 2024
all photos courtesy of NEW YORK TOKYO