Photos: MIARI SHIGETA – New York Fashion Week Fall 2024


Designer: Miari Shigeta

Location: Japan

Inspiration according to the Asia Fashion Collection Fall 2024 promotional materials:

“After the coronavirus outbreak subsided, people started to ride trains again. Even though Miari Shigeta was now free to go to various places, it was painful to see crowded trains every ride. Shigeta longed to travel to free and open spaces, imaging a girl riding a bicycle to the waterside without needing a license.
“Inspired by cycling wear and other bicycle parts, the designer expressed the drape of a girl’s long skirt pulled up and the sparkle on the water’s surface in 3D graphics.
“A collection created in collaboration with illustrator “Tsuki-chan” for its main graphics and 3D modelist “aab” for the 3D graphics.”

Video: Asia Fashion Collection runway highlights
video courtesy of NEW YORK TOKYO

Photos: Miari Shigeta – New York Fashion Week Fall 2024
all photos courtesy of NEW YORK TOKYO