A new MoMA: Rivane Neuenschwander – “Work of Days” (1998)

On Oct. 21, 2019, a newly renovated Museum of Modern Art opened to the public.  These images from the Surrounds: 11 Installations exhibit were captured two weeks prior during a press preview, and the description of the piece was taken from both the actual exhibit and moma.org:

Work of Days is made from hundreds of transparent adhesive contact sheets covering the floor and walls of a room, rendering the space a massive dust trap. Neuenschwander is particularly interested in dust’s association with death; as she has noted, her work suggests “a wish to understand the fragility of life, the finite nature of things, our impermanence in the world; or the simple observation of the passing of time.” The artist begins by allowing dust to collect on the sheets in her studio, then transports them to the exhibition space. Over time, visitors unwittingly add to the dust and debris; we cannot enter without leaving evidence of our presence.”