A new MoMA: Yoko Ono – “PEACE is POWER” (2019)

On Oct. 21, 2019, a newly renovated Museum of Modern Art opened to the public.  These images from Yoko Ono’s “PEACE is POWER” installation were captured two weeks prior during a press preview.  The piece was specifically commissioned to celeberate the re-opening of the museum, and its description was taken from both the actual exhibit and moma.org:

“In response to the Vietnam War, Yoko Ono and John Lennon established the concept “WAR IS OVER! (if you want it)” in 1969, hoping to rouse a generation to conceive of a world without war. The invitation to “Imagine Peace” has been expressed since the early 2000s through billboards, advertisements, posters, and, more recently, even tweets. “Imagining,” said Ono, “is something that we can all do, even when we have different opinions about how to get there.”

“In this installation, she covers the walls and ceiling of the space with blue sky, a recurring motif in her art. The title of the work, PEACE is POWER, appears across the windows in 24 languages, and woven into the furniture’s upholstery is the affirmation “yes, yes, yes,” in Ono’s handwriting. This work is the latest chapter in the artist’s long history of social engagement and of collaborating with the Museum.”