Photos: Shinnyo Lantern Floating Hawai’i 2019

May 27, 2019, Ala Moana Beach, Honolulu, Hawai’i – On Memorial Day, an estimated 50,000 people attended the 20th anniversary of the Lantern Floating Hawai’i ceremony.  Some 7,000 lanterns floated along the Ala Moana Beach in a magnificent display to pay respects to the fallen and loved ones.  Written remembrances by individuals or groups were placed on individual lantern to be floated at the conclusion of the ceremony.


As stated in the official program: “The theme of Shinnyo Lantern Floating Hawai’i is ‘Many Rivers, One Ocean – Share Your Light’ [The ceremony] is a vehicle for cross-cultural cooperation, understanding, harmony and peace by giving the community an opportunity to come together, in share emotion, with shared purpose.”

The ceremony was officiated by Her Holiness Shinso Ito, the current head of Shinnyo-en, a Buddhist community founded in Japan in the 1930s.  Her speech translated to English can be read in the website:  A few notable quotes from her speech included the following:

“Never underestimate the power that is generated by coming together in shared purpose.”

“Each act towards positive change creates a ripple that transcends time and space.”

“Harmony amid diversity – each individual expression of kindness and compassion counts.”

Photos: Shinnyo Lantern Floating Hawai’i 2019
all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine

Videos: Shinnyo Lantern Floating Hawai’i 2019
all videos by Mai D. Chan / Meniscus Magazine