Theatre Products Spring 2014: Pre-Depression elegance with a twist


From a distance, the elegant Theatre Products Spring 2014 “Cabin” collection channels a pre-Great Depression era when the swats of wooden tennis racquets and the sounds of jazz signified the main leisure activities of the time.  What gives the collection’s actual age away are the subtle whimsical touches by the label’s Tokyo-based co-designers, Akira Takeuchi and Miwa Fujiwara, infused into various articles and accessories.

A spherical plastic purse clinging to minimal cowhide, when filled to capacity, holds just an oversized tennis ball suited for gathering professional players’ autographs rather than actual play.  A floating doily top features criss-crossing tennis racquet patterns streaming down the back.  Miniature enamel shopping bags, capable of carrying no more than pocket change, dangle off of fingertips.  (One not-so-subtle touch: leopard print tights.)

These playful details serve as the initial highlight for some deceptively simple fashion.  A closer examination reveals swaying cocktail dresses, graceful cream-colored blouses and cardigans, and even lace lingerie that hint at the actual inspiration behind the collection: lazy summer days spent indoors in a villa, with classic clothing serving as a thin barrier against the outdoor heat.  Along this same theme, Spring 2014 also includes a capsule “P Standard Pants Collection” with the textile company Takisada-Osaka Co., Ltd.  Five styles of pants – including stretch denim, stretch chino and cigarette pants – use materials such as Super 120’s wool sourced from the Turkish fabric company Bahariye.

Video: Theatre Products Spring 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week
video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine