“King Dave” – 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival Review

Despite the lack of English subtitles at its world premiere screening, and my lack of understanding a single syllable of French, I was absolutely fascinated by “King Dave,” a wildly creative feature shot in a 100-minute uninterrupted take. What makes the shot truly amazing, however, is not just that it’s a single take, but rather, it’s what director Podz manages to fit into the frame.

Dave (Alexandre Goyette, who also wrote the screenplay) speaks directly to the camera, walking – nay, racing – the viewer through a tale of several recent days of his wannabe thug life.  Both very funny and tragic, “King Dave” is  a tale that somehow manages to incorporate flashbacks, delusions, fantasies and possible alternate paths the story could have taken. At one point, there are three different timelines, real or imagined, all on the screen at one time…and in a single room. Astounding.

“King Dave” screened Thursday, July 14, as the Opening Film of the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival.