“Outlaws and Angels” – 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival Review


Despite a rather awkward start – mixing scenes of the Old West with modern dialogue and a soundtrack seemingly better suited to a horror film – “Outlaws and Angels” recovers the moment Francesca Eastwood (Clint’s daughter) appears on screen as the 15-year-old Florence Tildon. Clearly out of step with her God-fearing family (and clearly not 15 years old either), Florence finds that she has more in common with the outlaws who have invaded her home than with Mom, Pop and Sis. Or is she merely playing the outlaws for fools, in which case, she still has more in common with them than her kin?

Regardless, Eastwood’s gaze burns through the screen, demanding the viewers attention. Ultimately, the film asks “What would YOU do for Instant Wealth?” It answers that question, not once, but three times. And while any one of these character revelations could have ended the film sufficiently, each and every one fully satisfies.

“Outlaws and Angels” screened at the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival on Thursday, July 14.