Dim Sum Candles | BeCandle

In Hong Kong, we came across some candles that looked way too delicious to burn.  Find out more about these realistic-looking dim sum candles – and order them yourself! – from Florence Coirier Giraudon, founder of buyMeDesign.  This article and accompanying photos were originally published in February 2015 on the now-defunct design blog buyMeDesign.com, and are reprinted in full with permission.

The bizarre concept that the words ‘food’ and ‘candle’ could be used abreast to describe a single object is now realistic – BeCandle divulge their quintessential Chinese creations in the form of dim sum candles. The masterful candle-crafters stay true to their oriental roots by taking symbolic cultural aspects from all corners of Asian tradition and applying them to their brilliant bougies. The most recognised dim sum delicacies from traditional Cantonese cuisine have been translated into handmade wax candles.

Not only does the concept seem fascinating, but the candles have a strong sense of verisimilitude when placed next to a real dim sum treat – they look just like the real thing! To achieve this level of authenticity, BeCandle crafted their candles using techniques that resemble true Chinese culinary practices, such as cutting, kneading, folding, and pleating.

“Our candles are exquisitely handmade, one piece at a time. Each piece has unique crafted details and may vary ever so slightly from what is shown due to the hand made nature.” – BeCandle

One of the most enriching touches to the design is the packaging – each dim sum candle pair comes with trademark bamboo steamer baskets. Dim Sum has been traditionally prepared and served in these unique baskets for centuries, and BeCandle intend to demonstrate this essential part of Chinese cookware. Bamboo steamers customarily give a more unique flavour and taste to the food, as bamboo absorbs moisture and prevents condensation dripping onto the delicate dumplings.

Taking a step back from the cultural discussion, we can safely say that the candles are objectively stunning designs that add character, warmth, and love to your home. The detailed wax shapes imply the care and intricacy devoted to the design. What may initially seem like a childish concept is effectively made into sophisticated and elegant reality.

To purchase candles, go to https://www.becandle.com.hk/.