Artist Stone’s “One Buck” sculpture a larger-than-life spectacle


Enthusiastic and friendly artist Stone (Chun Shi, 石村), explained that “One Buck” – his sole art piece on display at Artexpo 2018 in the Sculpture Garden – took four-and-a-half months to complete. His unique “Oil Mosaic” technique comprises the whole of both sides of a 52” x 120” U.S. one dollar bill, each cube a painstakingly slightly different shade than the other. Stone decided to drive it around New York City carefully hung up on a heavy frame; he built every part of the display himself, even the frame. The artist reminisced, amused, about driving “One Buck” on the highway and seeing a vehicle appear on one side of his own, and then briefly disappearing only to appear on the other side, to get a good look at his mobile art piece.


Stone is truly a one-man show, not represented by a gallery, choosing to create each piece on his own and showcasing his art independently, as evident by the traveling “One Buck.”  Sonia Hu, Stone’s wife and business partner, explained that Stone became popular in Asia when he was cast in a 1994 Kaixi Tea commercial that profiled his life as an artist and musician in New York City. Hu met Stone, then a VJ for MTV in 1995, during her stint as a producer for MTV Asia.

Stone’s art pieces cannot be replicated as evidenced by photos of different variations of Marilyn Monroe done in his signature oil on canvas. Though slightly different, none are truly alike; a different lipstick color and slightly different placements of gray and black gradients make each piece unique.

Priced at US$800,000, “One Buck,” as suggested by Hu, is not really meant to be sold. Rather the public at Artexpo was simply able to enjoy the piece.