Review of Gripster Special Edition by Native Union

Ever since we discovered the Gripster by Native Union at Another Story in Bangkok, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about this accessory that simultaneously carries out multiple functions: as a protective carrying case for the iPad Air 2 (along with other accessories for Apple products), as a stand to prop up your device to watch long video clips (the handle rotates to become the stand), and as a battery saver with a floppy screen that clings to the monitor.  

This article and accompanying photos were originally published on the now-defunct design blog, and are reprinted in full with permission.  Florence Coirier Giraudon was the founder of buyMeDesign.

Ed. note: This article was revised on June 23, 2019, with updated links, pricing and product information.

You have an iPad but nothing to make it remain stable? You are totally missing the Native Union’s Gripster special edition!

The buyMeDesign team was the first to spot this accessory exclusively dedicated to the new iPad. The Gripster has become THE IT product of the moment and you will find here three main reasons to buy it.

1. Who designed it?

Design brand Native Union gathers several international designers who come from all around the world. Their common aim is to make everyday life objects more enjoyable through design; they want people to love the products they use.

2. What makes it unique?

Buy the Gripster, use it and spin it!

Unique 3-in-1 handle, the gripster can henceforth grip your iPad, grab it, spin it and stand it.

Having lunch at a terrace watching the news, working on your desk, holding in your hand for a presentation meeting, turning it to show pictures, or finally just holding it as a bag in the metro, you can use your Ipad according to your needs and will.

3. How to use it?

While working, traveling or moving, the Gripster will provide the iPad solid protection.

It is compatible with the iPad Pro as well as with the iPad 5th and 6th generation editions.

Price: US$49.99

The buyMeDesign team has already adopted it, so now Gripster your iPad!