Vassa & Co. Spring 2016: A literal translation of geometric art

On Oct. 20, the Russian label Vassa & Co. presented its Spring/Summer 2016 collection in New York. For this sophomore effort targeting the American market, the designer Vassa drew inspiration from the city as well as several artists, notably Kazimir Malevich and his minimalist 1915 oil painting Black Square.

“To the initial black and white color palette, I wanted to add in shades of yellow, blue, red and orange to this collection,” Vassa said in the show notes. “This reflects the darkness and light of New York City. The city’s stoplights, pedestrians, cabs, and buildings instill the absolute darkness of the Black Square with life and hope.”

As such, the translation of art to fashion is quite literal – perhaps too much so. Although the color contrast and clean lines create a sleek, strong look, the outfits seem to be more appropriate in a museum than a fashion presentation. Some of the geometric shapes seem slightly forced on the human body, as if the models are wearing art canvases rather than clothing. While this approach to design can be provocative and interesting, at times it is also unnatural.

Retail prices for the Vassa & Co. Spring 2016 collection range from US$450.00 to $1,200.00.  For more information, go to  


Photos: Vassa & Co. Spring 2016
all photos by Shelly Xu / Meniscus Magazine