Malan Breton Spring 2016 Bridalwear – Men and Women

Bridalwear can be tricky territory.  Too much lace and well-intentioned wedding dresses instead resemble lingerie.  Excessive use of colors other than white for women and black for men can appear more appropriate for a school formal or a debutante ball.

In the case of Malan Breton, his Spring 2016 bridal collection – unveiled on a sunny April day at the Empire Hotel Rooftop in New York – was a mixed bag.  At times, his womenswear blurred the line between the formal portions of his ready-to-wear collections typically seen at New York Fashion Week and what should have been more unique gowns for the bride on her special day.  With heavy usage of silk throughout, the pieces that followed more traditional stylings and colors tended to be more successful, albeit conservative.


Breton’s menswear, when deviating from tradition, proved to be more interesting.  A fitted unisex tuxedo worn by a female model was notable, as was the inclusion of deep blues, pinks and reds in others.  These mixed silk brocade with glass particle reflective fiber and lana fresca wool, providing an intriguing contrast to (and, perhaps, outshining) the brides.



Hair: Ecru
Make-up: Bella on Demand
Jewelry: Wendy Chen
Women’s footwear: J.Renee
Men’s footwear: Cryuff Classics

Photos: Malan Breton Spring 2016 Bridalwear – Empire Hotel, New York
all photos by Shelly Xu / Meniscus Magazine