Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2014: A striking, welcome edge


Carmen Marc Valvo tends towards avoiding superfluous details in favor of stark contrasts and detailed patterns. Although Valvo’s latest work didn’t stray from this modus operandi, his inspiration—Ottoman Empire-era fashion—provided a striking and welcome edge to his collection.

While dresses and coats sported the cuts and patterning of the courtwear of the era, the collection was largely influenced by Indo-Persian armor. Some dresses sported sequins that resembled banded mail, while shimmery lace looked like riveted chainmail in eye-catching silver.  Subtle, modern details, like pyramid studs poking out from the patterns, added texture.  The long fur vests and coats looked equally at home atop Valvo’s dresses as they would on a soldier keeping warm from a nighttime chill.

Just don’t expect these outfits to stop a Roman short sword.

Photos: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine

Video: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2014 – New York Fashion Week
video by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine