VIANAD ViVijoanne Anais dorsbien – New York Fashion Week

Label: VIANAD ViVijoanne Anais dorsbien

Designer: Suzuki Mark

Location: Vantan Design Institute, Japan

Inspiration according to the Asia Fashion Collection Fall 2014 program notes: “ViVijoanne and Anais. Elegant and sweet fictional sisters are based on an imaginary scene from a romance movie. The feeling of dreaming a story translates to the feeling of wearing a story; a brand in which garments transform women dramatically.”

List of outfits presented in the show:

KAREN: Baroque-print pleated dress over mustard bouquet blouse
EVE: Mustard tweed jacket with pear flower details over nude bouquet blouse with Venus print skirt
FLORENCE: Venus print blouse with navy wool opera-draped mini skirt
TATI: Navy wool + purple silk blouse with Baroque details + faux fur mustard flower garden pant
IGGY: Baby blue + cream block knit sweater over pink-beige blouse with la primavera mini
KRISTINA Z.: Navy dress with pink-beige lace
ERICA: Baby blue sky sweater with baby pink skinny pant
GEORGIE: Beige opera coat over sheeer black pleated blouse with navy mini

Photos: VIANAD ViVijoanne Anais dorsbien – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Ekaterina Golovinskaya / Meniscus Magazine