AUSTIN. W – New York Fashion Week

Label: AUSTIN. W

Designer: Tzu-Yun Wu (Austin Wu)

Location: Taiwan

Inspiration according to the Asia Fashion Collection Fall 2014 program notes: “Calm, cool, and neutral tones with a touch of futuristic gray marks the image of this brand. I create infinite possibilities through digital prints that appear every season, combining sophisticated silhouettes with simplicity.”

List of outfits in the show:

ALI: Pale gold faux fur jacket over crème wool A-line blouse with sunrise brocade short
LENA: Taupe double A-line coat ove sunrise brocade sheath top with black wool high-waisted cocoon skirt
KAREN: Brown/navy mini-check drop-shoulder dress coat
MARI: Sunrise brocade cocoon dress
EVE: Black cocoon wool + faux fur jacket over menswear dress
MAXINE: Taupe a-line jacket with raw edges over black A-line shirt with mandarin collar over wool cocoon pant
HANNA: Black wool boxed coat over brown/navy mini-check oversized vest/dress and matching A-line skirt
TATI: Sunrise brocade oversized coat with pale gold faux fur

Photos: AUSTIN. W – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Ekaterina Golovinskaya / Meniscus Magazine