Somarta Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week

The Fall 2014 Somarta women’s collection offered a wide spectrum of choices.  These included cropped blazers incorporating the beautiful Japanese color matching and layering technique of shunoime, using one or two layers – some multi-colored – along the lapel.  One section was devoted to bodycon dresses and skirts with crystal-inspired designs in blue, grey, purple and white. There was an abundance of origami details in several dresses as well as intricate skirts with saucy corset stitching on the back. Standout pieces include these said skirts, a tweed and leather jacket, and an exoskeleton white knit sweater that took five months to make (Somarta designer Tamae Hirokawa and team wanted to create three of these sweaters in time for their runway show, but it didn’t happen due to the complexities of the construction).


Like her clothing, there is a good mix of romance and hard-edge rock in Hirokawa’s jewelry. She showed a gorgeous ruby red clutch with exquisite hand embroidered fabric from her current Spring 2014 collection that runs about US$900.  For Fall 2014, bunnies and birds figured into her work. Additional crocheted pieces are good options for those who aren’t comfortable sliding into the Skin Series body suits made famous by Lady Gaga in various fashion spreads and, most recently, her “G.U.Y.” music  video. One body suit even ended in gloves; perhaps these are only meant to be worn for a few short hours at the local club. Although clients are encouraged to buy the more durably built Skin Series, there is also a more commercial and slightly more affordable series of tights (sold at Seibu).



Photos: Somarta Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week
all photos by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine