stella proseyn Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week

Debbie Talanian presented her latest collection as part of the Los Angeles Fashion Council’s designer showcase at Tokyo Fashion Week.  The name of her label, stella proseyn, is an anagram for the phrase “personal style,” and in Talanian’s case, this translates to soft-to-the-touch Japanese fabrics incorporated into cute, contemporary women’s clothing.

The stella proseyn Fall 2014 collection utilizes beautiful details, such as hidden zippers and Japanese tencel trimming on the insides of skirts on waistbands.  Equal care and attention are paid to craftsmanship. Talanian hand finishes the skirt hems in lieu of machine-sewn seams that show through the fabric.  Patterns – such as those on a pair of plaid short pants – match at the seams, forgoing economy (potential result: saving fabric) in favor of beauty (actual result: a continuous print).