Somarta Fall 2010 – Japan Fashion Week

It may have been a fall collection, but Somarta’s latest offering started off with a number of looks in white, of all colors.  Somarta designer Tamae Hirokawa incorporated fur – in the forms of capelets and attachments on over-the-knee stiletto boots – into looks that featured piles and piles of bunched-up, scrunched-up fabric.  The strategy was interesting, albeit not entirely successful due to the monochromatic tones.

Hirokawa switched gears following the all-white blitz with pieces such as satin mini-dresses, and feathered and fringed skirts.  The piles of fabric remained, though this time the contrasting colors and styles proved to be easier on the eye, and therefore far more intriguing to visually dissect.

Photos: Selected looks from the Somarta Fall 2010 show
photos courtesy of the Japan Fashion Week Organization