Undercover by Jun Takahashi Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week

First shown on the runway this past February at Paris Fashion Week, Undercover designer Jun Takahashi presented his Fall 2014 men’s and women’s collections in a more intimate setting in Tokyo.  A large table of braided crowns hinted at a medieval and royal inspiration. Runway pictures showed large swatches of material wrapped around a model’s shoulders, and scarves woven around a model’s neck and through the garments themselves – creating a banner-like effect that was quite pretty while not overly feminine.



The women’s collection featured toile prints on multiple cotton/silk jackets and pants, as well as cotton garments that can likely act as a base canvas to layer various wool jackets and skirts, and cashmere/wool sweaters. Topped with accessories such as a scarf decorated with bug pins and furry heels, the Undercover woman will be prepared for the chillier months.

all photos by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine
(click on the thumbnail images for larger versions)

Men have a huge variety of accessories to choose from, including cozy socks, wellies, smoking shoes, hats, gloves, studded belts and a bag collaboration with Porter, all to complement excellent outerwear choices like a trench coat with the down liner and a letter jacket with brains on the sleeves.  The toile and blue/white print featured in the womenswear is replicated in men’s pieces such as a pair of pants, and in more subtle accents on other pants and shirts.