Facetasm Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week

The Facetasm Fall 2014 collection featured intelligent, tailored clothing with a dash of punk.  An intern for the label’s designer, Hiromichi Ochiai, said that his boss wanted to create clothing that was a little more difficult to wear (as in, the opposite of Japanese basics powerhouse Uniqlo).  Complicated or not, both men and women have a wide range of outerwear to choose from, including a netted multi-colored jacket (women), an asymmetrical trench (women), a bi-colored checkered and grey printed jacket (for men as modeled by Ochiai himself), and a letter jacket with leather sleeves featuring stars, amongst many other selections.


Additional favorite women’s pieces included a pleated tiered skirt (retail US$500) and bondage pant/skirt; a coat dress; and an exaggerated beribboned collared solid white shirt (also available in black).  Notably, a lucky man this winter will get to wear Facetasm’s super-heavy leather pants, perhaps accompanied by a pair of plain canvas Facetasm x Converse sneakers with a bandanna tied around them.

Photos: Facetasm Fall 2014 – Tokyo Fashion Week
all photos by Megan Lee / Meniscus Magazine