Leather Japan Fall 2013: Punk, fashion and, of course, leather

The goods: With a focus on accessories, eight labels from Japan showcased – what else? – leather products as part of the Leather Japan Fall 2013 presentation at New York Fashion Week.  These brands, which also showed at Coterie New York, were genten, Blackmeans, Ed Robert Judson, e.m., Hender Scheme, INI, Kenji Amadana and Sasquatchfabrix.

Clothes did make an appearance in the form of models strutting around a square runway (a bit difficult to catch with alternating spotlights and the overwhelming dark atmosphere in Lincoln Center’s suffocating Box).  In the middle, a Blackmeans-clad punk band Turtle Island performed loud sets as the presentation rolled through the hour several times.

The inspiration: Put quite simply, to have a party.  Put in more complex terms, a search for oneself.  The Japanese words “iki” (to have style) and “kiza” (to be snobby) are pit against each other, with a strong desire for the former to win out.  A desire for a new identity, perhaps spurred by the events of the 2011 Tohoku tsunami and earthquake, emerged as well, with perhaps a mix of skepticism.  From the notes: “I believe Japanese have, in part, lost pride in being Japanese as cultures from overseas tumbled into Japan and mixed with each other after the war…Now, a mixture that could only be conceived by Japanese is born with an [sic] overwhelming personal sensibilities added to it.”

The credits:

Stylist: Keita Izuka (super sonic)
Make-up and hair: Hirofumi Kera for Shiseido
Special collaboration: Toraichi

Photo Gallery: Leather Japan Fall 2013 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Mai D. Chan / Meniscus Magazine