Japan Leather Design 2015 – Hong Kong Fashion Week

Tokyo may be one of the best cities in the world to spy an endless cavalcade of inspired men’s and women’s fashion, ranging from luxury brands to high street labels to local designers.  One unsung factor to note among all the clothes?  Domestically-produced accessories.  These may not always be adorned with recognizable, or any, brand name labels, but with solid workmanship, and placement in outlets such as department store giants Daimuru and Matsuya Ginza, the vaunted BEAMS empire and various boutiques across Tokyo, they provide that extra edge to any well-styled outfit.

At its runway show during Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2015, the Japan Leather Design group showcased a variety of accessories that will be launched this year.  Expect detailed touches, such as sailor stripes and camouflage prints, centuries-old traditional Japanese dyeing techniques for modern-day shoulder bags, and Italian leather.


The complete list of brands that exhibited follows below:

Brand name:hio
Company name:HIOX CO., LTD.
Specialty:Ladies’ shoes
Website : http://hio-web.com

Company name:Atelier Formare Ltd.
Specialty:Ladies’ bags
Website : http://san-mihara.com

Brand name:UNISON DEPT.
Company name:Kobayashi Shouten Company Limited
Specialty:Mens’ bags, leather accessories
Website : http://unison-dept.jp

Brand name:PeachBloom
Company name:PeachBloom co., Ltd.
Specialty:Ladies’ hats
Website : http://peachbloom.com

Brand name:REGAL
Specialty:Mens’ and Ladies’ shoes
Website : http://www.regal.co.jp

Brand name:ILLEI
Company name:SUNWAVE CO., LTD.
Specialty:Mens’ shoes
Website : http://illei.com

Brand name:pliable
Company name:D-02 Office Inc.
Specialty:Ladies’ bags, Ladies’ shoes
Website : http://d-02.jp

Brand name:N.I.B
Company name:TOHO CO., LTD.
Specialty:Mens’ bags
Website : http://nib-b.com

Company name:Solid
Specialty:Ladies’ bags
Website : http://www.jojo-japon.com

Brand name:KOU
Company name:Atelier TAMURA
Specialty:Leather jackets
Website : http://tamurakou.co.jp

Brand name:KIKA style
Company name:KIKA STYLE Inc
Specialty:Accessories and bags
Website : http://kikastyle.com

Brand name:Bejoueld panthalassa acce
Company name:PANGEA inc
Specialty:Fur, Bags
Website : http://pangea.jp/panthalassaacce


Photos: Japan Leather Design 2015 – Hong Kong Fashion Week
all photos by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine

Video: Japan Leather Design 2015 – Hong Kong Fashion Week
video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine