Terexov – New York Fashion Week Spring 2009 Review

Russian designer Alexandr Terekhov, 29, made his New York Fashion Week debut during the Spring 2007 collections as one of then-sponsor UPS’s 10 emerging designers to watch. At that time, while his designs lacked diversity and innovation, his women’s dresses were classic, flowing and elegant.

Now, in his fifth season under his label Terexov, the variety has emerged in his designs, but the clothes themselves have fallen off the rail. Terekhov’s 34 looks – constructed mostly with leather, suede or silk – lacked cohesion. A multicolored map of the world served as the dominant print for several silk dresses, but instead of using an elegant antique classic from yesteryear, a bright gaudy print distracted from the styles and made the clothes look cheap. One-shoulder dresses did nothing but hide the models’ figures, and the worst offenders were adorned with rainbow fringe that resembled cheerleaders’ pompons. Terekhov’s best pieces were his suede miniskirts and minidresses in shades of raspberry and beige, but even with these, the details in the material’s texture were too subtle to catch when viewed from a distance.

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all photos by Kwai Chan / Meniscus Magazine

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video by Bibs Teh / Meniscus Magazine