Terexov – New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Review

Terexov is Alexander Terekhov, a Russian who was chosen as one of New York Fashion Week sponsor UPS’s 10 emerging designers. As a reward, Terekhov was granted a runway show at the tents to show his Spring 2007 collection.

The collection, which contained natural fabrics – silk, jersey, cotton and flax – consisted almost entirely of dresses because Terekhov felt that “dresses and skirts are better for women than jeans or trousers,” according to UPS.

The flowing dresses looked best when the models were walking down the runway as opposed to standing stationary. The problem with the collection was that too many of the dresses included the same elements: a sash at the waist that was tied in a bow, plunging V-necklines, and draping material molded into three-quarter or floor-length pieces. At one point, it appeared that a sequence of dresses were all identical save the color. While Terekhov showed promise with this collection, he needs to add more variety and creativity to his pieces.

all photos by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine