Sebastian – Evokativ Hair Care Launch Fall 2006

A Google search for the words “Sebastian Evokativ” – which seemed to be a curious name for a designer – came up completely empty. It wasn’t until arrival when I and at least one other person realized that this was Sebastian Professional, the hair salon and product company, and Evokativ was its newest line. The range of Evokativ products starts at US$16.00 for a bottle of shampoo and goes up to US$25.00 for a container of hair gel.

The production was a creative take on a typical hair show, which tends to focus more on the demonstration and usage of the product than the buoyancy of the final result. Divided into three “acts,” pairs of classical dancers were juxtaposed with runway models mostly wearing clothes in shades of black, white and gray. The fashion complemented the hairstyles, which were thus given full attention…when the models strutted to the end of the runway, that is. Otherwise, the talent and skills of the dancers distracted from the models, who were relegated to the background whenever the dancers took center stage.

Video: Runway highlights

video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine