Oakley Fall 2006 – New York Fashion Week

“I just want to see good American sportswear,” one attendee said as he stood in line for the Oakley show. Amazingly, the wait wasn’t long as the line moved quickly, much to the astonishment of many standing in it. (By contrast, one woman complained before the Atil Kutoglu show that it took her 2½ hours to get into the Baby Phat show the night before because the line went out the door. Celebrities galore entered left and right, she said, while various television crews and Vogue editors couldn’t even get in.)

The show, which featured the company’s Fall 2006 Collection for Women, was divided into segments with video screen footage of athletes sporting Oakley wear in action preceding each one. The refreshing line featured an edgy, daring and even sexy range of looks. Multi-colored looks shown early in the collection were suitable for the slopes. Later, as the clothes made a transition to the surf and shores, the layers became more improbable for sport and more suitable for a sporting after-party. Dresses made out of cashmere and leather? One-pieces made out of denim and leather? If they work for the likes of Omahayra, it’s nice to pretend that they’ll work for me – at least, if I ever make it to St. Moritz or St. Tropez.

As for whether the pieces made for “good American sportswear,” the answer is a resounding yes.

Video: Runway highlights

video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine