Jason Wu – New York Fashion Week Review Fall 2006

The few intriguing facts that I knew about Jason Wu prior to his first fashion show were further expanded by an appreciator of his work whom I met in line.  But with such a slender to nonexistent fashion portfolio, how much could there be to go by?

Actually, the work in mention was not the 23-year-old designer’s background in fashion, but in collector doll design.  And for diehard collecting enthusiasts, Jason Wu’s creations are coveted; some of his limited edition dolls are priced in the triple digits on eBay.  He designed the RuPaul doll for Integrity Toys, an ethnic doll manufacturer for whom Wu has worked since the company’s conception.  Even more impressive, he signed on with the company at age 16.

Therefore, the question was whether Wu’s haute doll couture sense would translate into the life-sized world of high fashion.  For the most part, it did.  With the plethora of ruffles, lace and messy layers these days, it was nice to see a focus on solid colors and clean lines with the occasional subtle angled cut.  Many of his gowns could easily be used as elegant attire for, say, classical musicians such as pianists or violinists looking for that fashionable edge above the competition.

The collection slightly fell short with the strapless dresses.  This could have been due to the waif-like figures of the models and/or the cut of the bodices, which seem to flatten rather than flatter.  One model actually stopped her walk, then pulled her dress up a couple of inches – no wardrobe malfunction, thankfully – and continued on her way after a half-grin.

Video: Runway Highlights – Jason Wu Fall 2006 – New York Fashion Week

video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine