Meniscus Survey: 10th Anniversary Edition!

Rice is nice. Survey takers are WEIRD.

Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. JACK BEATS ROY, and Roy cries “FIX”!

Water loses sole possession of first place as world’s favorite drink. GARLIC is the spice of life- so many dynamos make this survey nice . . .

Pick 1:
Yahtzee 21%
samosa 26%
orangutan 23%
bookmobile 30%

Yahtzee! So I’m thinking they should change that game’s name to Bookmobile. Or Samosa. Or even Orangutan! More people would play…

Have you been to Canada?

71% have.

Ah, and none of you stayed, Eh??

Which word would you rather have said about you:
a. punk 12%
b. crazy 17%
c. weird 42%
d. outlandish 29%

Ok. You’re WEIRD!

What was the last sport you played?

And the winner is. . .softball. followed by soccer and tennis. Then basketball and Frisbee. 31 different total “sports” were named including editorial staff favorite- hide the taco.

How many cousins do you have?

Because most people didn’t actually know (or had more than they could count), I can’t really give an average here. The most popular answer was 10. The biggest number- 100. 5 people only had 3, but apparently everyone has cousins!

What is your dream job?

The most popular answers were things like being a rock star. Or a travel mag writer. Or other things with music or writing. Or sports. Or the job people had. Or sleeping. Or a mag writer. This clearly means y’all should submit to Meniscus. After your nap, that is.

What are you thankful for starting with the letter “R”?

RICE WINS! Rest comes in 2nd. Tied for third: rain, red, respect and rock and roll. . .

Other answers I really liked: ribs, raspberries, rustic houses, rewriting, rent money, rainbows, and redemption.

The fact that there were a lot of other good answers just goes to show that there are a lot of things to be thankful for with the letter r, not to mention the other 25 letters. . .

What is missing in your life?

Answers included: certainty, trust, faith, money, cheese, a significant other, nothing, everything, clarity, meaning, I don’t know, guidance and Jesus.

What is the most amount of pizza you ever ate at once?

While this question is hard to quantify (slices are different sizes, as are pies), nevertheless we proceed. The winner. . .5 (FIVE) pizzas. 2 pizzas was next closest, but still quite impressive. In the slice race, it was 17, followed by 14. 1 pie was the most popular answer- the apparent limit of the average human. The least most substantial was uh, 1.5 slices. Because that second slice can be tricky. . .

When do you usually go to sleep?

Once again we can’t really do an average here, because of the imprecise nature of many of the answers. But we shall not be stopped! Earliest (uh, after sunrise that is): 10:30 am. Latest (before sunrise): 4 am. Midnight the most common answer. 2 am and 1 am were tied for second.

Pick 1:
tintinnabulation 27%
sonambulation 27%
perambulation 13%
tribulation 33%

The least pleasant answer wins. What does this mean? I don’t…know.

Do you know who Kwame Brown is? 85% of those surveyed don’t.

And I’m not telling 🙂 So I guess by definition this means he’s not famous? He’s also not Kwame Jackson.

How many places have you lived in the last 5 years?

Apparently easier to count than cousins, but some still had too many. The most with an actual number given: 9. Three was the most common answer. Followed by 1, 4, and then 5.

What do you think of when you hear “New Jersey”? Most common answer: Home. Tied for 2nd: “Trash” and “Armpit.” Other answers included: filth, sewage, pollution, dirty Jersey, smell, dirty water, tolls, bad drivers, abandoned asylums, and of course garden state, and beaches. Did I mention the most common answer was “home”?

Which is better: Roy or Jack? JACK WINS! 64% to 36%. And what does Jack win? The jackpot! Just kidding, Jack wins jack! And with that, he is off to start New Jack City. . .The final words from his campaign manager to those who may have voted for Roy, “You don’t know Jack.”

(Best answer, by the way: “What are you talking about?”)

What is your FAVORITE…
month? First place: May 2nd: October 3rd: June 4th: December Honorable Mention: April and September. January was the only month to get no votes! Brrrrr…
non-alcoholic drink? It’s a tie. Water and orange juice. Does this mean we should have orange juice fountains? Complimentary OJ at restaurants? Green tea got a promising third place finish. Root beer was 4th. Mello Yello was also voted for, adamantly.
palindrome? Mom not only wins, but crushes dad. Longest answers included: ten animals I slam in a net, go hang a salami I’m a lasagna hog. My other favorites: yobannaboy, emily’s sassy lime, chris sirhc, and so many dynamos. Interestingly enough no one said my previous all time favorite: a man, a plan, a canal: Panama
website? the run away winner in a category that in theory should not have too many multiple votes.
spice? Garlic wins. Curry comes in 2nd. Pepper third. Tied for fourth: cinnamon, basil, salt, and paprika. Garnering honorable mention for multiple votes: “posh”, thyme, and red pepper
pizza chain? It’s a tie! Pizza Hut and Papa John’s duked it out until the very end. Dominoes a distant third.
continent? The big 7 in order are: Europe, North America, Australia, Antarctica, Asia, and tied for last: South America and Africa.


Which would you rather be able to do:
a. climb through trees 19%
b. swim to ocean depths 32%
c. scale mountains with ease 21%
d. run really fast 28%

Scuba diving, anyone? What’s down there anyways?

Thanks for taking the survey everyone! I hope it was fun. Your answers were appreciated and helpful. Until next time. . .