Meniscus Newsline polling # 0011 – purple*bananas and more SurveY!

recorded and compiled by newsline sociologist Scott Miller

Trained Surveyor’s Notes: Don’t forget to brush your teeth, even though going to the dentist isn’t that bad after all . . . (Note: Thanks to all who filled out the survey! All percentages are approximated. )

1) have you had your wisdom teeth removed? 

 55% yes

45% no


2) when was the last time you: 

a. watched tv? 

most popular answer: last night

longest time: months ago

shortest time: five minutes ago


b. read a book?

most popular answer: last night

longest time: last year

shortest time: tonight, today


c. ate breakfast?

most popular answer: this morning

longest time: can’t even really remember

shortest time: three minutes ago


d. brushed your teeth?

most popular answer: this morning

longest time: wed. 5/7/79

shortest time: 10 minutes ago


3) would you rather be a street sign or a door? 

door 55%

street sign 45%


4) if you had to name your firstborn son one of these six names, which one would you choose:

jeremiah 38%

jeff 24%

jordan 24%

jupiter 10%

joon 3%

jerome 0%


5) name the first food you think of when you hear the word “purple.”

the winner is. ..

grape(s) 38%

2nd place: eggplant 24%

third place: banana(s) 10%

and in fourth: plum 7%


6) what is your favorite 5 letter word?

Jesus was by far the most popular answer, getting 17% of votes. The only other word that got more than one vote was ‘music’ . Two people said their own name, while one said the name of his girlfriend, one the name of her dog.


7) Pick 1: 

a trip to the dentist 41%

having a physical 31%

sitting in traffic for two hours 28%

losing your driver’s license 0%


8) if you could go to one of these places where would you go?

Chile 35%

Madagascar 28%

Saipan 21%

Burma 14%

Greenland 0% (is it really that cold?)


9) which is the best?

volvo 54%

volkswagen 30%

saturn 10%

daewo 3%

ford 3%


the end.