Yet another Meniscus Magazine survey

1) How many countries have you been to?
Average: 5.7143

2) Pick a random (whole) number 1 to 100:
Well, depending on how you look at it, 77, 25 and 99 are the least (most) random numbers.

3) If you were to start your own band, what would you name it?
Lots of good answers to this question. A few of my favorite responses were: gray castle, Dreamweaver, the Scott Millers

4) what is your favorite letter in the alphabet?
and the winner is. . .S. Runners-up: K and M. Consolation prize: R
The most interesting thing about this one: Many people’s favorite letter was the first letter of their first name.


Did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
average 15.19
high 21
low 8 or 9
never 17.39%

Did you have someone close to you die?
average 14.2
high 41
low 5
never 30.4%

Did you go to your first wedding?
average 10.18
high 21
low 4
never 8.7%

6) Are you taller than 5 foot 6 inches?
I guess I picked a good height for this question.
YES 50%
NO 50%

7) Do you like bike riding?
YES 68%
NO 18%

8) Pick one: Zimbabwe, noodles, rollerblading, Taiwan, watermelon
first place–>noodles, 45%
second place–>Taiwan, 23%
third place–>rollerblading, 14%
fourth place (tie)–>Zimbabwe, watermelon, 9%

9) What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime?
Summer may be almost over, but if you haven’t tried some of these things, you may want to soon…swim outdoors, go to the beach (most popular answers first), walking outside in warm night air, walking into a really cold air-conditioned room, picnic, play baseball, barbeque, go to amusement park, hang out at riverfront, travel, listen to crickets at night, sleep.

10) How many e-mail accounts do you have?
average=4 (see graph 10a)

11) When was the last time you made a long distance phone call (how many days ago)?
range=from today to too long ago to remember

12) What was the last word you said ending in “y”?
“Okay” was the winner. Other answers included: bunny, scrutiny, happily, Christianity, rainy, birthday, y.