Timo Weiland Spring 2015 – New York Fashion Week

Inspiration, per the post-show press release: Timo Weiland co-founders “Timo [Weiland], Alan [Eckstein], and Donna [Kang] decided to send their New York girl to the West Coast this summer. Instead of the Hamptons, she will be poolside in Hollywood. The designers got their inspiration from a saturated Slim Aarons photograph of a group of friends, set in a sprawling backyard enjoying a hot summer day. The Timo Weiland girl is channeling vintage Hollywood glamour in a modern reflection, by decorating herself in baby blue, blush, and a fresh yellow that breathes 90210. Timo, Alan, and Donna designed a collection for Spring 2015 that is meant to consume light through slits and sheer, then transition from day to the night, without missing a single beat.:

Photos & Video: Timo Weiland Spring/Summer 2015
all photos and video courtesy of Paul Wilmot Communications