Timo Weiland Resort 2014: A fun, familiar aesthetic

A natural continuation of the aesthetic present in Timo Weiland’s Fall 2013 womenswear show, the label’s Resort 2014 collection once again presents what would happen if a tomboy decided to inject some girliness into her wardrobe, or if a girly girl wanted to try something slouchy and cool.  Channeling prep via the Lower East Side, there is something for both types of girls here, particularly a blue and white windowpane-checked collared shirt buttoned up to the throat and tucked into a pair of matching shorts.

While a sleeveless white blouse tucked into a gray-belted miniskirt and a basic black and white striped flared dress were dull and out of place in this otherwise fun collection, the designers made up for it with other looks, such as the pairing of an oversized patterned sweatshirt with a ruffled neon green skirt, and a marbled green button-front jacket with a matching skirt.

Photos: Timo Weiland Resort 2014
photos courtesy of Paul Wilmot Communications