Comiket 99 Zine Reviews: The Illustrators

There is no way to shine a spotlight on every single Comiket artist – we would if we could.  Here are just a few illustrators who decided to feature food and fashion in visually creative ways.

The front cover of Menu (image courtesy of Melon Books)

Bunnies + food

Title: Menu
Creator: P-F easy
Online store: and

Bunnies are awesome. Food is awesome.  So what can be more adorable than drawings of bunnies lounging around in and playing with food?  Sushi, cakes and ice cream are just a few examples in a diverse portfolio at that extends well beyond the furry fuzzballs.  Menu takes this theme further in a nod to Showa Era kissaten.  P-F easy also takes requests for commissioned work.

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Birds + cocktails

Title: Bird & Cocktail
Creator: Miya / Nomiya38
Online store:

There’s a collective sense of warmth, optimism and nostalgia in Miya’s illustrations, which has cut across a variety of media, including gift boxes, book covers and limited-edition works for Pokémon.  As far as Miya’s individual original work is concerned, it is the juxtaposition of various birds with larger-than-life cocktails that resonate, often depicted against nocturnal backgrounds.  More of Miya’s work can be viewed at this blog:

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Fashion + illustrations = a new way to present lookbooks

Showcasing the latest fashion on illustrated manga-like characters, as opposed to on real models, is a more objective and less judgmental way to check out the latest trends.


Title: Various
Creator: Shintaro / mono*stellar

Although mono*stellar creates numerous lookbooks – and even a downloadable set of images – the focus is on pants.  Styles are deconstructed, with individual pieces and color charts providing recommendations on how to add matching tops, accessories and other items.

Image from the mono*stellar title Pants Joshi Historia 2018-2020 (courtesy of Melon Books)


Title: Various
Creator: super blue
Online store:

super blue takes the latest sneaker models and presents them in illustrated lookbooks, with the hopes that you too will want to buy the latest Nike and New Balance shoes on the market.  Some works feature the main characters of the manga series Sound! Euphonium, doubling as fan art.