Nonie Spring 2019 – New York Fashion Week

Nonie designer Nina Kharey sent out a bland Spring 2019 collection. Kharey mirrored the trench coat dress made famous by Meghan Markle a few times, but that unfortunately was the only design in the collection that stood out. Although a mesh white trench dress was paired well with silky white pants (in addition to its sister, a black mesh trench coat), other pieces looked like the designer yawned her way through designing for BCBG.

Kharey intended to create clothing “for a clean, relaxed aesthetic,” but the simplicity of the designs lacked inspiration. Silk pants and dresses repeated themselves in black and white button downs and scoop necks. Ruched dresses with a drawstring appeared in yellow and black, in addition a scarlet pencil skirt. An asymmetrical silk top with a cut out at the waist-line could realistically only be worn by someone with zero body fat. A more flattering red and fuschia silk wrap dress had greater mass appealing. If Kharey had injected more color to the simpler pieces, this collection may not have been as tiresome to watch.

Photos: Nonie Spring 2019 – New York Fashion Week
all photos by Shelly Xu / Meniscus Magazine