Bangkok street food takes center stage at Viral Fest Asia 2017

Boasting a lineup of vendors and food trucks above the quality of typical fare served at Bangkok outdoor weekend markets, the Viral Fest Asia 2017 made sure that music lovers did not go hungry.  Attendees wore wristbands with Pouch Nation chips that served as debit cards in a sizable outdoor space, a bit of a gimmicky touch considering that there was no way to check one’s balance other than to squint at a vendor’s mobile device upon payment.  (Sometimes it is just better to eschew technology altogether.)  Separate from the main stage during the two-day music festival, the decently sized food market featured the types of stalls often found at a lot of typical Bangkok weekend markets, alongside the odd inclusion of a dunk tank and fake mechanical bull.





Photos: Viral Fest Asia 2017
all photos by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine