Nagara – Bangkok International Fashion Week 2017


Popular Thai celebrities turned models, art fused with fashion, and a flair for the dramatic may be par for the course whenever the label Nagara hits the Bangkok runway.  However, those elements – coupled with a colorful attention to sophisticated detail – are anything but standard when compared to many other Thai designers’ collections today.

Nagara Sambandaraksa packs the Bangkok International Fashion Week tent whenever he showcases his signature Thai silk blends juxtaposed with tie-dyed prints, and with good reason: he consistently sets a high bar when fusing tradition with modern cuts.  According to the show notes, Thai tourist destinations inspired the latest collection.  While some of these clearly influenced the busier prints, it was the more minimalist work – particularly those with randomly placed circular motifs – that shone.

Photos: Nagara – Bangkok International Fashion Week 2017
all photos by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine