Fashion Palette Spring 2017 collections – New York Fashion Week

Six Australian labels were invited to showcase their latest collections as part of the Fashion Palette Spring 2017 show at New York Fashion Week.

Con Ilio
Designer: Con Iliopoulos
Base: Melbourne
Specialty: Evening (men’s and women’s) and bridal


Designers: Sisters Christiana and Katya Lea Livaditis
Base: Melbourne
Specialty: Women’s contemporary casual and haute couture

Designer: Ingrid Bonnor
Base: Gold Coast
Specialty: Sleepwear and bridal robes


Designers: Christina and Vanessa Milanja
Base: Sydney
Specialty: Women’s (casual and couture)


Stephanie Chehade
Base: Adelaide
Specialty: Women’s


Sui Generis
Designers: Siobhan and Fionnuala (Nuala) Denniss
Base: Bali, Indonesia
Specialty: Women’s (bridal and custom)