Feng Chen Wang Spring 2017 – New York Fashion Week Men’s


Our cell phones are such an integral part of our lives that to be apart from them for more than a few hours incites feelings of insecurity and a sense of being disconnected from the world. It was this sense of passive communication that inspired designer Feng Chen Wang’s Spring/Summer 2017 New York Fashion Week collection, an interesting representation of how people form connections through a click or swipe on their phones.

Cable ties are threaded through almost every piece in Wang’s collection, and allow the wearer to loosen or tighten the clothing which lends to creating a completely different shape. For example, many of the pants were cinched in around the knees giving the pants a ‘bell bottom’ look.

Wang’s basic color palette showcased the unique structure and complexity of the clothing.  Besides the puzzling cut-off leg pieces and puffy jacket – it’s tough to imagine anyone wearing these – the white, khaki, blue/black, and orange tops, jackets, and bottoms look easy enough to wear.  (They also happen to be waterproof, despite the complex look of the ties and snaps.)

Surreal details were also incorporated in some of the basic pieces.  Wrap t-shirts contained extra head holes, and a jacket featured an extra set of sleeves tied up along the back.

Photos: Feng Chen Wang Spring 2017 – New York Fashion Week Men’s
all photos by Gewet Tekle