Private Policy Spring 2017 – New York Fashion Week Men’s

A biohazard symbol.

A crying man with a mutilated face and a fish head (as illustrated by Sungjin Lee) jammed in where his mouth used to be.

A trailing ribbon emblazoned with the words “Loyal to none!”

These were just a few of the elements in Private Policy’s mostly successful Spring/Summer 2017 New York Fashion Week Men’s collection. Inspired by a headline detailing news of forced slavery in the Southeast Asian fishing industry, the collection was reminiscent of Vivienne Westwood’s 1980’s plaid punk era, with embellishments such as chains, rings, and ties accenting mostly red, black, and white tops and jackets – in line with what the label’s “symbols of imprisonment, restriction, and pain.”

Plaid and striped jumpers with shorts – minus the chains – unfortunately resembled pajamas, but the white, fringed, asymmetrical cut out graphic tank top with bright red, vinyl-like biohazard-printed pants offer a closer representation of the heart of the collection’s inspiration. Private Policy’s unique designs will attract young men unafraid of expressing themselves.

Photos: Public Policy Spring 2017 – New York Fashion Week Men’s
all photos courtesy of agentry pr