KYE Fall 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week 서울 패션 위크

Kathleen Kye’s zombie-inspired Fall 2016 collection is basically an encapsulation of what happens when the undead decide to do a little bit of shopping before hitting the streets to unleash mayhem.  It’s a surprisingly understated offering given the theme, particularly given the equally contrary message of last season’s “HATE” collection that featured pinks and baby blues with swirling, snaking prints.

“I feel that zombies are a metaphor of a people nowadays who are lacking human fundamentals, and only filled with desire and instincts,” Kye said in a statement.  “As I lately find myself living a hectic life with a void and lost in intentions, I fear to find myself turn [into] one of the zombies.  This collection is a statement that KYE is going back to basics.”

With that, Kye produced a more sophisticated polish compared to her past collections, yet at the same time did not stray from her signature focus on colorful unisex streetwear.  Her zombies prefer loose pants, slit floor-length dresses and skirts, and flared leggings, and materials such as velvet and faux fur.  The likeness of Iron Maiden’s zombie mascot, Eddie the Head, even appears on select men’s and women’s pieces, his sinister grin and stare contrasting with a wide palette of solids.  Overall, the KYE Fall 2016 collection is a well-executed departure from some of the designer’s previous work that at times has been overloaded by graphic prints and an unrestrained use of color.

Photos: KYE Fall 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week
all photos by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine

Video: KYE Fall 2016 – Seoul Fashion Week
video by Yuan-Kwan Chan / Meniscus Magazine